It was only when he brought the flat back of the hairbrush down on her bare buttocks that Susie realised what he intended to do. Nobody had ever spanked her in her life, as far as she could remember.

She cried out sharply at the hot pain, and he laughed, striking again and again. By the fifth stroke, her arse was on fire, and hot tears were falling from her eyes. Each time he made contact she yelped, but he didn't stop. Then, at the ninth blow, she suddenly twisted in embarrassment as she realised that the heat wasn't confined to her backside. The shame she had felt at her surrender earlier was nothing to the humiliation of realising that she was growing wet from this treatment, and that her juices were tricking over her thigh onto his leg.

Smack! Smack! Smack! She stopped counting the blows and writhed in his grasp, trying to hide her body's betrayal of her.

From "Educating Susie" by Anonymous

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