The paddle landed with a "CRACK" on the fullest part of the left cheek of her rump, and she howled in agony. It felt like an entire nest of hornets had stung her behind at the same time!

Before she could finish her outcry the paddle struck a second time, lower on the left side. Vicki began to thrash, kicking her legs wildly and pushing against the sofa with her hands in a vain effort to regain her feet, but Jameson's hand, pressing her hard against the flat top of the sofa's back, kept her buttocks in place as he spanked them again and again.

The girl's frenzied movements delighted Jameson as he continued the paddling. The runner's muscles in her ass and thighs alternately bunched and relaxed as she struggled, and the twisting of her torso raked her erect nipples back and forth across the ribbed upholstery, first distending the breast he could see and then hiding it from view.

From "Vicki Learns A Lesson" by Anonymous

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