The switch hissed and struck Melissa squarely across her perky bottom cheeks, landing just above her sex. This generated a muffled wail and nearly caused her to let go and stand up to rub her stinging ass.

A second blow cut into the cheeks just below the first one. Without letting go, she wiggled and danced, hissing and whimpering in pain.

The third stroked was the payoff. It sliced squarely across her behind at the level of her sex, raising a red welt like the ones before. The tip of the switch struck the tip of her bud where her sex protruded between her thights.

Melissa saw a red flash of pain. She released her ankles as her hands stretched into involuntary claws with fingers fully stretched. She wanted to rub herself and sooth the pain. It seemed to burn and throb into the very center of her soul.

From "The Arena" by S.M. Knight

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