I gave her four quick sharp strikes across the middle of her smooth white ass, watching as the red lines of the cane became visible.

Joey protested wildly as her ass did a dance that would have made a bride blush on her honeymoon night. She squirmed over the leather sofa, her ass cheeks quivering and her hips raising and lowering in heaving spasms that gave her a whorish and wanton look of sensual abandon.

I caned her again, high this time across the back of her legs, and then without pause gave her two more across the very bottom of her sweetly welted ass cheeks.

I waited for a moment, letting the full impact of the cane strokes sink in. God help me, but I loved the way she looked, her plump white flesh criss-crossed with angry red welts, her thick brown hair matted with sweat in front of her lovely tear-stained face.

From "Joey's Punishment" by Anonymous

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